About Adharshila

Established in 2004 by the Dr. Surjan Singh Memorial Foundation (SSMF), Adharshila, meaning “foundation stone” in Hindi, stands as a not-for-profit school nestled in the village of Kohra, District Ghatampur, in the state of Uttar Pradesh, India.

Our mission is to address the quality educational needs of the local community by offering a comprehensive, high-quality English & Hindi medium education. We aim to equip students with the skills for lifelong learning, empowering them to become effective and successful contributors to the local, national, and international community.

Currently, Adharshila provides education from Nursery to Standard VIII, catering to a total of 350 students. Each classroom, accommodating ~40 students, is meticulously designed to maximize natural light, fostering an optimal learning environment. Vibrant and comfortable class furniture enhances the overall educational experience for our students.

The library & computer room is another focal point, designed to provide a learning environment for the kids. Additionally, transportation facilities have been implemented to assist students commuting to and from locations beyond the village of Kohra.

At Adharshila, we are committed to creating a nurturing educational space that not only imparts knowledge but also cultivates the holistic development of each student. We believe in laying a strong foundation for the future, echoing the vision and legacy of Dr. Surjan Singh.

Dr. Surjan Singh Memorial
Foundation (SSMF)

The Dr. Surjan Singh Memorial Foundation is dedicated to the enduring memory of Dr. Surjan Singh, a remarkable individual who, born in the village of ‘Kohra,’ achieved excellence in both his educational and professional pursuits through unwavering dedication and hard work.

Dr. Surjan Singh harbored a deep desire to contribute significantly to the enhancement of the quality of life in his hometown, surpassing what he could achieve during his lifetime. Given the current circumstances in Kohra, the Dr. Surjan Singh Memorial Foundation (SSMF) is being established with the vision of creating a high-quality educational institution. In pursuit of this vision, Adharshila has been founded, with the aim of instigating a positive transformation in the lives of the forthcoming generations in the surrounding villages.

Dr. Surjan Singh

Adharshila Campus:

A Green Oasis of Learning and Recreation

Nestled in the heart of nature, Adharshila’s campus is a lush, green haven that provides a serene and conducive environment for holistic education. The sprawling grounds are meticulously maintained, and the vibrant greenery creates an atmosphere of tranquility and inspiration.

One distinctive feature of Adharshila is the emphasis on student involvement in gardening. The campus boasts meticulously curated gardens, and students actively participate in their care. This hands-on experience not only instills a sense of responsibility but also serves as a practical lesson in environmental stewardship, fostering a deep connection with nature.

Sports enthusiasts find their haven at Adharshila, with a dedicated cricket ground that echoes with the cheers of budding cricketers perfecting their skills. The football ground provides an expansive space for students to engage in spirited matches, promoting teamwork and physical fitness.

For the little ones, there’s a playful sandpit, a joyous space where creativity knows no bounds. This area serves as a recreational zone for the youngest members of the Adharshila family, promoting unstructured play and fostering imagination.
The campus accommodates around 10 well-equipped classrooms, each designed to provide an optimal learning environment. The interiors are thoughtfully arranged to maximize natural light, creating a comfortable and inspiring space for academic pursuits.

Recognizing the importance of activity-based learning, Adharshila provides ample space for teachers to conduct specialized classes. Whether it’s outdoor science experiments, art sessions, or interactive discussions under the shade of sprawling trees, teachers have the flexibility to engage students in diverse and dynamic ways.
Adharshila’s commitment to holistic education is not confined to traditional classrooms. The campus, with its green expanse, sports facilities, and interactive learning spaces, fosters an environment where students can grow academically, physically, and emotionally. It’s a place where education extends beyond textbooks, nurturing well-rounded individuals ready to face the challenges of the world.