Heartwarming Welcome Back Ceremony After Summer Vacations

Posted on: November 23, 2023 at 11:32 am, in

The first day back to school after the summer vacations at Adharshila was not just a return to routine; it was a vibrant celebration of renewed beginnings, fostering a sense of warmth, tradition, and inspiration. The school echoed with laughter, excitement, and a palpable eagerness as students filed in, marking the commencement of a new […]

Heartwarming Celebration of July-Born Students’ Birthdays

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In a spirit of joy and unity, Adharshila School recently came together to celebrate the birthdays of students born in the month of July. The celebration was not only a delightful occasion for the students but also a testament to the strong sense of community fostered within the school. The event was graced by the […]

A Pledge for Cleanliness

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In a proactive step towards fostering a sense of civic responsibility and community engagement, Adharshila School organized a noteworthy event centeredaround the theme of cleanliness. The event, held with the aim of instilling the importance of cleanliness among students, residents of Kohra, and the school community, witnessed enthusiastic participation from teachers, students, and local residents. […]

Vibrant Independence Day Celebration

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On the 15th of August, Adharshila came alive with patriotic fervor as students and teachers alike enthusiastically participated in the Independence Day celebrations. The event held a profound objective: to reflect upon and honor the sacrifices made by our forefathers in securing the independence of India. The school premises underwent a captivating transformation, adorned with […]

Joyous Celebration of Teachers’ Day and Krishna Janmashtami

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In a burst of joy and festivity, Adharshila School recently celebrated Teachers’ Day and Krishna Janmashtami, weaving together moments of gratitude, merriment, and cultural exuberance. The school premises echoed with laughter and camaraderie as students, teachers, and staff came together to honor the guiding lights of their academic journey and rejoice in the spirit of […]

Intellectual Voyage: G20 Group Discussion

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In a remarkable demonstration of intellectual prowess, students of Adharshila School recently participated in an enlightening G20 group discussion. This event served as a platform for both students and teachers to delve into the intricacies of global governance, fostering an understanding of the significance of the G20 and India’s role as the host. The initiative […]

Grand Commemoration of Gandhi Jayanti on October 2nd

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Adharshila School went above and beyond in celebrating the profound legacy of Mahatma Gandhi on the 2nd of October, marking Gandhi Jayanti with an array of engaging and insightful activities. The day unfolded as a heartfelt tribute to the Father of the Nation, fostering a deep appreciation for his principles among the students and teachers […]